Some people watch Netflix on Apple TV or their Xbox 360. Others watch it on their PC.
Today, I’m going to share some of the best Netflix tips for PC users.
These tips are guaranteed to improve your Netflix viewing experience – from eliminating lag to improving framerate speeds:

1) Watch movies before they expire from Netflix forever

Some people think that movies and TV shows on Netflix today are going to stay on Netflix forever.
That’s true for some movies and TV shows, but not all.
Every day, movies on Netflix expire. And that’s unfortunate if you were just planning to watch a series or movie.


Fortunately, there’s a way to sort movies and TV shows by their pending expiry dates. To do that, sign into Netflix and go to “My List”, then change the appearance to Manual. This will display a list of your queued shows (obviously, you’ll need to have a list of queued shows for this to work).
If your show is about to expiry, there will be a red expiry date directly beside its “genre” listing. Most shows don’t have expiry dates, but if you see one that’s about to expire, you better start watching it soon.

2) Change subtitle coloring

Maybe you’re deaf. Maybe your girlfriend hates it when your TV shows are turned up too loud. Or maybe you’re just a big fan of foreign films.
Whatever the reason may be, you’ll need to use Netflix subtitles.

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By default, Netflix subtitles are pretty good. But the colors aren’t ideal for all viewers.
To change Netflix subtitle colors, go to “Your Account” and then click on “Your Profile”. Finally, click “Subtitle Appearance”, which will open up a range of different subtitle options, including the color of the outline of your text, the color of the text, and any background or windows around that text.
This is particularly useful if you’re watching a TV show where traditional Netflix subtitle colors aren’t appearing very strongly. Instead of squinting and getting frustrated, take a few seconds to adjust the coloring – consider bright, unique colors like red or blue.

3) Break your addiction by disabling Post-Play

One of the most addicting parts about Netflix is that you can lie on your couch all day and blast through an entire season of a TV show without touching any type of remote control.
Yes, Netflix’s “Post-Play” feature is addictive. It’s also enabled by default on all accounts. Post-Play begins playing the next episode of a TV show within 15 seconds of ending the last episode.

netflix 4

You can turn off this feature by going to Your Account, then Your Profile. In Playback Settings, uncheck the box that says “Play next episode automatically”.

4) Find the most popular titles on Netflix

One of the most frustrating parts about Netflix is that it tries to be too customized at times.
If you watch a Disney movie once, Netflix will start recommending you watch every other Disney movie that’s ever been made.

netflix 2

What most people want is to view a list of all the most-viewed titles on Netflix. What’s popular? What’s everyone else watching? What should I be watching?
You can’t actually view the most popular Netflix shows directly from Netflix, but there are third-party websites dedicated to showing you the most popular Netflix titles.
The best site for that is, which features a barebones list of the most popular titles currently on Netflix as well as a list of any new and noteworthy titles which just recently appeared on the Flix.

5) Run PC Cleaner Pro

If you’ve already tried all of the above tips and you’re not satisfied with Netflix performance, then consider downloading PC Cleaner Pro.
PC Cleaner Pro is an effective PC optimization tool. It’s ridiculously easy to use – you really only have to click your left-mouse button a few times.
Running PC Cleaner Pro on your computer is free, but you’ll need to buy the full software ($29.99) to eliminate errors.
Fortunately, buying PC Cleaner Pro today gives you a lifetime subscription. It’s one of the few PC software programs that is guaranteed to provide a positive return on investment over and over again.
Benefits of PC Cleaner Pro on Netflix include:
-Faster video playback
-Reduced buffering
-Smoother HD playback
-Smoother framerates
-And many other PC performance benefits!
Download PC Cleaner Pro today here

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