Technology has accomplished some pretty amazing things over the last few years. But unless you’ve recently won the lottery, you probably haven’t bought any of these things because they’re too insanely expensive.

A 4K monitor – and we’re not talking about price

Apparently in the future, most monitors will feature resolutions far beyond today’s measly HD resolutions. So far, there is only one of these so-called ‘4K’ monitors available to consumers, and that’s the Eizo Duravision FDH3601. The Duravision costs $30,000+ for a 36-inch screen with 4096×2160 resolution.

At that resolution, you’ll have enough space to fit two full HD windows side by side. So if you’d rather buy a big computer monitor than a well-outfitted luxury car, then $30,000 will get you the Eizo Duravision FDH3601. But take a look at how bulky and obtuse the monitor is. You would think that for $30,000+, they’d be able to fit a slim case design into the mix. Apparently not.

SimXperience Stage 5 Motion Racing Simulator

Let’s be honest: race cars are dangerous and unless you have tons of sponsorship deals, they’re probably outside the budget range of the average computer user. That’s why someone SimXPerience invented the Stage 5 Motion Racing Simulator.
At a price tag of $16,500, the Stage 5 Motion Racing simulator comes with three 46-inch HD screens and a chair that rocks back and forth according to what’s going on in your game. It also comes with a custom-built PC, a keyboard, and touch-screen interface, so you have everything you need in order to immerse yourself in the racing world.
Oh, and if you want to save money, there are also other motion racing simulators available from the same company. The Stage 5 is just the most luxury one available today.

Razer DeathStalker Ultimate

The first two items on our list might enter the realms of fantasy for most PC gamers. After all, who wants to spend five figures on computer accessories? The Razer DeathStalker Ultimate might be the most expensive keyboard available to consumers today, but it’s not so absurdly expensive that it’s out-of-reach of the average PC gamer.
For a price of $250, gamers can access the popular Razer SwitchBlade UI, which includes a touchscreen interface where the keyboard’s number pad normally would be as well as 10 programmable keyboard keys with individual built-in displays.
The keyboard also includes custom backlighting, macro recording, and 10-key antighosting capabilities. There are even apps that you can download to help control specific games. If you’re a gamer and you’ve got a couple hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket, then the Razer DeathStalker Ultimate is basically the coolest keyboard you could ever buy. Now just try not to spill water on it.

Zana Design Adophis – a USB stick made from a meteorite (seriously)

At first glance, the bizarrely-named Zana Design Adophis (I only know what one of those words mean) doesn’t look like much. It’s a curved piece of wood with some sparkly gold trim. But take a second look at the description for this luxury USB drive. It features:
-200 year old African Black wood
-18 karat gold trim
-Pieces of diamond from a certified 4.5 billion year old meteorite
The funniest thing about the Adophis is that it’s only 64GB in size. If I was dropping two grand on a USB stick I would want at least 1TB of storage space. But that’s why products like this aren’t designed for people like me.
Oh, and if you want to save money on the Adophis, then you can opt for the poor person’s version that features only 925 silver. It costs $1300.

Emperor 200 Workstation

Rounding out the list of crazy expensive PC accessories is the Emperor 200 workstation. I’m pretty sure I saw one of these in Wall-E. Basically, the user sits in the chair and is surrounded by three 27-inch LED monitors.
Although the Emperor 200 might look silly, it’s designed to be the most ergonomic possible way to use a computer. Those plebs who sit in office chairs all day are wrecking their backs, and with the Emperor 200, the user sits in complete comfort whether they’re playing video games or creating Excel spreadsheets.
The chair itself is a marvel of modern technology. The scorpion tale-type arm that holds the three monitors can swivel upward, which is useful if somebody walks into your room and asks what on earth you’re doing. The chair also includes air filtration and climate control features to ensure the user is always as comfortable as possible.
I would totally buy one of these but I have no idea where I’d put it in my house. And I don’t have $49,150.


Anyways, if you win the lottery any time soon, you know exactly which article to read first. Or, if you want to beg a rich relative to buy you an awesome Christmas gift, that’s cool too.

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