11 years ago, on October 25, 2001, Windows XP was released. Although the release of Windows XP was a subdued event when compared to the release of Windows 95 and the release of Windows 8, Windows XP would go on to become the software company’s most successful operating system.
Windows XP was so successful because it combined the functionality of previous Windows operating systems with the usability of a modern interface. The result was an OS that made performing all sorts of actions as easy as possible.
In fact, up until recently, Windows XP was still the most popular computer operating system in the world. In August of 2012, Windows 7 finally surpassed Windows XP to become the most widely installed PC operating system, but prior to that, Windows XP held that crown for a surprisingly long time.
Today, Windows XP still runs on about 41% of all PCs, and some statistics even suggest it can be found on about 50% of all machines in the workplace.
There’s nothing wrong with continuing to use Windows XP. In fact, Microsoft continues to update its OS with regular security updates. That support will continue until April 8, 2014, at which point Microsoft will finally cut all ties with its former operating system and leave its users to fend off hackers on their own. 2014 might seem like a long ways away, but it’s only 18 months away.
In any case, Microsoft wants XP users to upgrade to Windows 8 as soon as possible, which is why they’re launching such a big marketing initiative over the next few months.

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