If you ask someone why they like their Mac, they’ll probably tell you they like how fast it is. But a new report argues that Apple doesn’t want you to enjoy fast performance on your Mac.
What’s up with that?
Well, the report was released in anticipation of the launch of Mac OS X El Capitan, which is the new update to Apple’s desktop operating system.
The report was published on, where the author Sascha Segan, argued that “Apple is still a hardware company, and its interest is in selling you new hardware, not in optimizing your older Macs.”
el capitan
Here are some other interesting points argued by Segan:
-Mac OS’s newest performance improvements will be designed to take advantage of new hardware, including SSDs. Your 2011 or older Mac may not have an SSD, which means many of the claimed performance enhancements will not affect you.
-Some of those performance enhancements, according to Apple, including being able to launch apps “up to 1.4 times faster” and “open PDFs up to four times as quickly”
-Ultimately, this system is designed to drive new computer sales through OS upgrades. If Apple made new software that perfected performance on 2011-era Macs, then it wouldn’t make much money from people upgrading to 2015-era Macs.

Apple Isn’t the Only One Doing It

Of course, the report also mentions that Apple is far from alone in using new software to drive hardware sales.
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Mobile phone makers – especially Android manufacturers – are notorious for it.
How long do you have to wait between Android upgrades on your older Android? Sometimes, those upgrades never come. Do you think it’s really that hard for your carrier or manufacturer to put an upgrade package together? Probably not.
Nevertheless, these manufacturers try to convince you that your phone is so old that it’s no longer receiving timely updates – even though it’s just 18 months old and seems to be working perfectly fine.
And then when you do get the update, you find that it kills your battery life or decreases performance. You start to think “maybe it’s time to upgrade”
Apple isn’t the only company doing this. They’re just the best – and sneakiest – at it.
You can read the full report here.

Save $2000 and Fix your PC for Free

Anyways, this is why people are attracted to PCs: with a PC, a little love and smart hardware/software upgrades can inject new life into a PC that’s 5 to 10 years old.
pc versus mac
In fact, it doesn’t take too much to make an old PC run like it’s brand new. Sometimes, all you need is a simple OS re-install and an extra stick of RAM.
Meanwhile, you have operating systems like Windows 10 coming out. Windows 10 has ridiculously low system requirements that should let it work on computers 11 years of age and younger. The system requirements are actually lower than they were on Windows 8, which came out in 2012.
Want to save yourself an easy $2000? Don’t fall for the hardware upgrade tricks of companies like Apple. Buy an extra stick of RAM, install PC Cleaner Pro 2015, reinstall your OS, and watch your old PC run around like it’s still a puppy.

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