Microsoft is turning a new page with Windows 10. Instead of ignoring its biggest fans, Microsoft is listening to them – something it definitely did not do with Windows 8.
Nowhere is that more evident than with the new Windows Feature Suggestions webpage unveiled by Microsoft. That page shows the most popular user suggestions for Windows 10 – as written by users.
Here are the most highly-rated suggestions on that list:
“Please merge PC settings and Control Panel!”
In Windows 10 and Windows 8, “PC Settings” and “Control Panel” are two separate areas of your PC – despite the fact that there is lots of overlap between the two categories. It makes sense to merge the two and give users total access to important settings from a single menu.
“Give us the ability to customize the Login Screen”
The login screen is the first thing people see when they turn on their PCs. Many people – including myself – like to customize that screen. I mean, something as simple as a wallpaper goes a long ways towards customizing it. We can do that in Windows 7, but we can’t in Windows 8 or Windows 10.

windows 10 login screen

Add tabs to Windows Explorer and File Explorer
For years, Windows users have been begging Microsoft to add tabs to Windows Explorer or File Explorer. There are third-party software programs that do this, but it would be great to have this feature baked into Windows 10 natively.
“Improve Install/Uninstall to keep Clean/Junk Registry Free OS”
If you can skip past the broken English here, you’ll realize that the user is basically saying this: make a maintenance-free version of Windows. In other words, users are sick and tired of installing registry cleaning software, disk defragmenters, and other performance enhancing programs that speed up their PCs.
“Redesign & replace ALL aero-themed objects in Windows 10”
Windows 10 currently has an awkward mixture of Aero-themed objects and Windows 8-style objects. That’s totally against the whole “One Microsoft” UI idea, and users want the final OS to look something like this:

windows 10

“Game Mode”
Microsoft hasn’t done anything nice to gamers in a while, so it would be great if they threw us a bone. One gamer wants Microsoft to add a “game mode” where Windows scales back unnecessary software and hardware processes and focuses all its energy on gaming to increase performance. Sounds great to me – although I’m not sure how much of an impact it would have on gaming performance on most rigs.
“Make Windows Update the one stop for all drivers”
One of the most annoying things about Windows Update is that you can’t download all Windows updates through that system. You have to download video card drivers from your video card manufacturer and NIC drivers from your NIC manufacturer. Microsoft should make Windows Update the one and only place we need to install updates.

windows update

You can view all of the suggestions here. I just picked the ones with over 1,000 “votes”.
What do you think about those suggestions? Is Microsoft missing anything major? You can add your own input to the list by going to this link. Your idea might just be the next highest-updated post on the list!

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