The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is scheduled to arrive in a few days, and security researchers are already getting excited about the potential security improvements in the latest update.
2 of the enterprise security features are already attracting some excitement for their ability to limit the spread of corporate data while also preventing future data leaks. Here are these two exciting enterprise features:

1) Windows Information Protection Prevents Employees from Leaking Data

This new security system will be particularly useful to businesses who manage any type of personal data for clients. Windows Information Protection makes it possible for organizations to compartmentalize business and personal data on the same device. So that data is stored on one device, but is totally separate.
This means companies can encrypt their data on employees’ devices using keys controlled by the IT department. This would introduce features like the ability to selectively wipe only company data from a personal device after an employee leaves the company.
windows 10 anniversary update
It would also compartmentalize data and applications, so users wouldn’t be able to add company data to personal apps. In one example, users would be prevented from live-tweeting a company’s HR database to the world.
This feature will be bundled under the Windows 10 Enterprise E3 Subscription, which costs $7 per user per month.

2) Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

Windows Defender is getting better and better. Now, Microsoft wants to make it even better by introducing an AI system in the form of machine learning. This AI takes advantage of Microsoft’s cloud to enhance protection for businesses after their security has been breached.
Ultimately, these two features are two key elements of how Microsoft plans to market itself to security-conscious businesses. In a world where security attacks against businesses seem to be more common than ever before, Microsoft could be onto something.
windows defender advanced threat protection
Once the system has detected a breach, Windows Defender will recommend steps that admins can use to solve the problem. For example, it will explain how to prevent attackers from leaving backdoors they can access later.
You’ll need to be subscribed to Microsoft’s pricier Windows 10 Enterprise E5 service to utilize the Windows Defender ATP feature. Microsoft doesn’t release its E5 pricing publically.
Microsoft is hoping these changes will increase the rate at which businesses are adopting Windows 10.
The Windows 10 Anniversary Update launches on August 2, 2016 for consumers and business users.

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