What happens when you’re so dangerous to the internet that you get banned? Ask programmer Higinio Ochoa, an ex-hacker who is banned from the internet as part of his parole agreement.
Higinio was part of the infamous Cabin Cr3w hacking group back in 2012. That group was affiliated with Anonymous. Higinio himself got caught in one of the most ironic and hilarious ways ever.
Higinio Ochoa posted this photo on the internet after a string of hacking attacks, taunting authorities to come at him and his crew.
Unfortunately, the FBI was able to read metadata from that picture, which meant they were able to literally follow the trail directly to his door using GPS coordinates attached to the picture, which was posted on Twitter. Rookie mistake, Ochoa.
After spending months in prison for his crimes, Ochoa has finally been released. And as part of his parole agreement, he’s forbidden from connecting to the internet.
At the time he was caught, Ochoa was a 30 year old Linux administrator living in Galveston, Texas. That was 2012.
After allegedly participating in various anonymous attacks linked with the Occupy movement, Ochoa decided to take things a step further by posting the bikini shot from his Twitter account, @Anonw0rmer.
The woman in the picture, by the way, is now his wife.
Ochoa claims he never snitched on his fellow Cabin Cr3w colleagues – unlike the notorious Sabu. Gizmodo finally caught up with Ochoa after being released from prison to find out how he’s been.

Ochoa Has to Mail Code on Paper to his Boss

Today, Ochoa is still a programmer.
How can you be a successful programmer when you can’t use the internet? Ochoa has to mail code by paper to his boss (although he sometimes lets his wife email code to his boss on his behalf, which is allowed under his parole agreement).
And for all those wondering, Ochoa is allowed to watch Netflix. His wife just has to browse through the Netflix listings for him.
No word yet on when his parole will be lifted. But man – once that bail gets lifted, that guy is going to go on a legendary internet binge.
What would be the first thing you would do after 5 years away from the internet?

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