In the browser wars, most people think of Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer as the biggest players.
That’s 100% true. However, after Safari and Opera on the market share charts lies a browser called Maxthon.
Maxthon, developed by a team of Chinese developers, has repeatedly outperformed its competition in speed tests. It’s a free browser built for use on mobile devices and desktops.
Today, Maxthon holds a small corner of the browser market: about 1% to 2%. However, a new feature may increase that rate even further.
That feature is called Ad Skipper and it works exactly like it sounds: you can easily skip through advertisements.

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You know those streaming video advertisements that aren’t blocked by most ad blocking plugins? Like on ESPN, TSN, news websites, and YouTube? How annoying are those advertisements?
Thanks to Ad Skipper, you can easily fast forward through those advertisements and prevent a 30 second ad from ruining your entire day.
The new Maxthon update also adds enhanced CPU and RAM management features and supports a broad range of video codecs – including OggTheora, VP8, H.264, and WebM (which is not supported by Internet Explorer).
For all of these reasons, Maxthon is looking like a more and more attractive internet browsing choice. You can download Maxthon for free from here.

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