PC optimization software is one of the easiest ways to improve PC speed and performance. A good PC optimization program like PC Cleaner Pro can breathe new life into an old PC, helping users save hundreds of dollars on repairs while avoiding expensive upgrade costs.
But in spite of these major benefits, some are still wondering if PC optimization software is worth the price. Today, I’m going to list 5 questions that you should ask yourself to determine if PC software is worth the $30 to $40 price tag:

5) Do I like waiting over 30 seconds for my PC to start up?


Most computers can start up in about 30 to 45 seconds. During that time, the computer should be able to go from completely powered off to completely loaded into the Windows operating environment. If your computer is unable to do that, it could indicate a major system problem. Slow PC startup problems are annoying if you hate waiting for your PC to load, but they can also indicate a serious virus problem. In any case, PC optimization software often focuses on making computers start up more quickly.

4) How much of my life should I waste waiting for webpages to load?

Most of us use PCs primarily for internet browsing. We may look at hundreds or even thousands of webpages per day and barely think twice about it. If each webpage takes three seconds to load, and you look at 200 webpages in an average day, then you’re wasting a substantial amount of time every day staring at a blank internet browser.
A good PC optimization suite will improve internet speed and performance, which means you spend less time waiting for your browser to load and more time actually doing useful (or not so useful) things on the internet. Even saving one second per webpage will save you several minutes by the end of the day. By the end of the year, you’ll be able to take a trip with all the extra minutes you’ve saved. But you’ll most likely just fill that time looking at more internet pages.

3) Do PC games really look better at a higher framerate?


Most people play some sort of games on their computers. Some people stick to browser-based games on Facebook, while others play Skyrim and Battlefield 4. If you’re one of millions of PC users who enjoys playing games on your computer, then you’ll appreciate PC optimization software. It noticeably increases framerates in many games, making it easier for you to enjoy higher-end graphics and an unparalleled PC gaming experience.

2) Are viruses really that bad?

Today’s viruses are more dangerous than they have ever been in the past. Viruses have the ability to install themselves on the hard drive and activate everything from your webcam to your microphone. Yes, they can listen to you at your PC and watch what you’re doing. On top of that, they’ll also steal your email password, bank account information, and identity. Yes, viruses are very bad.
PC optimization software patches critical holes in your system’s security, making it harder for viruses to attack. No optimization software or antivirus suite is going to make your PC 100% virus proof, but these programs certainly make your PC safer.

1) Do I really need my personal information to stay private?

PC optimization software will repair registry errors and problems throughout your entire PC. Many of these problems could allow hackers to exploit your system’s security and steal personal information. But hey, if you don’t mind having your name, social insurance number, and Facebook password floating around on the internet, then who cares?
Obviously, we highly recommend downloading PC optimizations software as soon as possible. Check out PC Cleaner Pro today by clicking here.

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