Today’s tech media live off Apple rumors. From iPhones to iPads to “revolutionary new devices” that we’ve never even heard of, tech websites need Apple rumors like humans need oxygen.
And so here we are reporting another round of iPad rumors. This time, it’s for the fifth-generation iPad, making it the iPad 5. As usual, these rumors come from “supply chain sources” in China and involve both the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2.
Here are some of the most important features to know about these two new devices thus far:

iPad 5 rumors

-The iPad 5 will be thinner and lighter (wow!) and feature a similar design to the iPad Mini, which would make it shorter and narrower
-It should be announced in March 2013 and released soon afterwards
-It will be 4mm shorter, 16mm narrower, and 2mm thinner than the fourth-gen iPad
-The smaller size may impact the battery life of the iPad, making it worse

iPad Mini 2 rumors

-The iPad Mini 2 will have a 7.9-inch display, just like the current iPad Mini, but it would be bumped up to full iPad resolution of 2048×1536
-Same hardware specifications as the iPad 4 with half the weight and half the price
-Announced either in March 2013 with the iPad 5 or (a date I feel is more likely) in November 2013 at the one-year anniversary of the launch of the first iPad Mini

Is Apple in decline?

Apple’s shares reached their peak in September when they hit $700 per share. In December, Apple shares sunk to $500 each and have hovered around that range. Apple appears to be in decline, but it’s only one big product launch away from a rebound at any point.
Unfortunately, the iPhone 5 has faced disappointing sales figures and many consumers believe that the ‘iDevice’ craze has hit its peak.
To make matters worse, if the new iPad rumors are true, then Apple is basically killing off its own line of products. Why would you pay twice as much for a screen that is just an inch larger but features the same resolution? In other words, there would be no good reason to buy an iPad when an iPad Mini was available.
It will be interesting to see these rumors evolve as we get closer to March 2013 and the suspected release date for the next wave of Apple products. Stay tuned to the Fix My PC Free blog for more information as we move forward!

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