The Xbox controller is probably the best gaming controller ever made. It’s sturdy, comfortable, and easy on the hands – even after long hours of gameplay. For all of these reasons, Xbox controllers have become the weapon of choice for many PC gamers in games where the mouse and keyboard just doesn’t cut it.
Connecting a wired Xbox 360 controller to your computer is easy. Just plug your USB wire into the USB port on your PC and, if the controller’s driver doesn’t automatically download it, download the driver from the official Microsoft website.
But it’s 2013, and having a wired controller feels so 19th century. To connect a wireless Xbox 360 controller to your PC, follow these steps:
Step 1) Buy a wireless Xbox 360 controller if you don’t already have one
Step 2) Buy a wireless receiver for your PC, like the HDE Wireless Receiver or Komodo Wireless Gaming Receiver, both of which can be purchased on Amazon for less than $15
Step 3) Wait for your items to arrive in the mail
Step 4) Plug the wireless receiver into any available USB port
Step 5) Click here to download the latest Xbox 360 wireless controller driver from
Step 6) Install that driver
Step 7) Open your Device Manager and find your Xbox 360 wireless controller driver under the ‘Other Devices’ category
Step 8) Click the Browse my computer for driver software button and then click the Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer button


Step 9) Scroll through the list of devices until you find the Xbox 360 Peripherals section
Step 10) Choose the most up-to-date Xbox 360 driver and ignore any warning commands Windows might give you
Step 11) Turn on your wireless controller if you haven’t already done so and press the pair button on the controller at the same time as you press the pair button your wireless receiver
Step 12) Start gaming and enjoy!

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