3D wallpapers have always been a thing. But over the past few years, they’ve quietly become a much cooler thing thanks to 3D graphic design software which anyone can use to make amazing 3D images.
Today, 3D wallpapers are a rapidly growing trend. They’re new, beautiful, and undeniably interesting.
Today, I’m going to show you how to download and install 3D wallpapers for free from the internet.

What is a 3D wallpaper?

First, let’s get this inevitable question out of the way. What exactly is a 3D wallpaper? Is it just a 2D wallpaper with 3D elements?
Well yes, that’s exactly what it is. You download and install them just like ordinary wallpapers. But they feature 3 dimensional images that give them a little extra flair than ordinary wallpapers.
Step 1) Open the image
Step 2) If using Firefox or Internet Explorer, right click and choose “Set as wallpaper”
Step 3) If using Chrome, drag and drop the image onto your desktop, then open the image, right-click, and choose “Set as wallpaper”
That’s it! It’s exactly like setting up an ordinary wallpaper.
Looking for some good 3D wallpapers? Here are some of my favorites:
Pokemon Battle
Poke Balls (okay, don’t blame me that the first two on this list are both Pokemon-related, clearly some talented 3D artists really like Pokemon).
Audio System (there are no brans on this beautifully clean and white audio system)
Super Mario Bros.
Colored 3D skyscrapers
colorful 3d bars
Minecraft guy leaning against an ore block with a diamond pickaxe
3D turret against blank background
3d wallpapers
DeviantArt,, and other wallpaper sites all feature a diverse range of 3D wallpapers. Take a look today and it will almost look like your wallpaper is jumping off the screen at you.

Want to install 3D animated wallpapers that move around?

Animated wallpapers are a thing. Unfortunately, they’re not a great thing.
You see, when you search for animated wallpaper software online, you usually find a lot of low-quality software that will almost certainly install adware on your system. You might get a low-resolution, low-quality animated wallpaper that slows down your computer immensely, but you won’t get that smooth animated wallpaper you’re looking for.
One of the biggest problems with animated wallpapers today is the reputation the industry has developed in the past. Namely, the 3D animated wallpapers of the past slowed down PCs and caused all sorts of problems of their own. They were often accompanied with adware and viruses.
There is, however, one software program from a reputable company that lets you create animated wallpapers. That company is Stardock, which created DeskScapes.


DeskScapes is available via free trial but you’ll have to pay for it after 30 days. You can download the free trial here.
If you do install that software, you can install a certain number of predesigned animated wallpapers. Or you can even animate your own desktop wallpaper and use included DreamMaker software to add motion to static wallpapers.
Ultimately, animated wallpapers are a fairly significant drag on PC performance.
Looking for a good site for animated wallpapers? I like, which offers animated wallpapers without bombarding you with viruses or fake “download” links around the wallpapers.

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