What is Popup?

When you find  your internet browser  shows the intrusive pop-ups then  possibly your personal computer is infected with harmful software from the adware family. The adware which is also known as ‘ad-supported’ software and is a form of unwanted software that can show lots of annoying popup ads even without a user’s permission. More than that, it can simply redirect the web browser on malicious and misleading web sites. Moreover, if you’re seeing that the Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox and Microsoft Edge tries to load an unfamiliar  site, it is also one indication it is infected because when you try to open a long-known page, then you do not need to wait! So what you should do is press the stop button in web browser’s address bar. Then perform the guide below to clean your computer from adware as quickly as possible. The guise provided below will help you to remove redirect to ads and any undesired ad web pages.

The ad-supported software or simply the adware is the part of the software that is used as an online promotional tool specifically, the ads. It is primarily designed with the sole purpose to showcase dozens of ads, to promote the goods and services in an open browser window. So, this is just one of the many sites of the so-called ‘ad-support’ type programs that is designed to fill the web browser’s constant stream of advertisements, or redirect the web-browser to not expected and intrusive and or malicious advertising web-pages. Furthermore, the adware can substitute or could even pretend as the legitimate ads on misleading or even banners that can offer to visit malicious web-pages. The reason is simple, many advertisers agree on any ways to attract users to their web sites, so the creators of ad-supported software, often forcing users to click on an advertising link this is to generate revenue. For each click on a link, the authors of the ad-supported software earns. It is classically know as the ‘Pay-Per-Click’ method.
The ad-supported software usually affects only the most commonly used and most popular internet web browsers such as G00gle Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and MS Edge by modifying the web-browser’s settings or installing a harmful add-ons. More so, other internet browsers can be infected be affected too. The adware will  independently perform a scan of the computer’s system for browser shortcuts and modify them without your permission. When it infects the web browser shortcuts, it’ll add  or appends the argument like ‘http://site.address’ into Target property. So that makes each time you start the browser, you will see an intrusive web-site.
We strongly advise that you follow the guidance given below that will assist you to get rid of pop up ads using the standard features of Windows and some proven free  and reliable programs.

How to remove the popup ads

There are a simple manual steps  provided below that will aid you to get rid of pop-up advertisements from your MS Windows PC system. The most effective way to remove this adware is to get rid of the adware manually  manual and then use SpyRemover Pro Anti-malware tool, and PC Cleaner Pro that are automatic tools. The manual solution will help to weaken this ad supported software and these malicious software removal utilities will completely remove redirect and reset it back the Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and MS Edge settings to default.

How to remove the pop-up manually?

Most common adware may be removed without any antivirus applications or tools.

Eliminating the, check the list of installed programs first

First of all, check the list of installed applications on your computer and remove all unknown and recently installed applications that are useless and unwanted. To spot it, look for  an unknown program with incorrect spelling or varying capital letters, it have most likely been installed by malware and you should clean it off first with malicious software removal utility such as SpyRemover Pro.
Windows 8, 8.1, 10

  1. First, click Windows button windows key, then press Search windows search. Type ‘Control panel’and press Enter as shown in the figure below.
  2. When the ‘Control Panel’ opens, click the ‘Uninstall a program’ link under Programs category as shown on the screen below.
  3. You will see the ‘Uninstall a program’ panel as shown on the image below.
  4. Very carefully look around the entire list of software installed on your PC. Most likely, one or more of them are responsible for the appearance of pop up ads and web browser redirect to the unwanted web site. If you have many programs installed, you can help simplify the search of harmful software by sort the list by date of installation. Once you have found a suspicious, unwanted or unused program, right click to it, after that click ‘Uninstall’.

Windows XP, Vista, 7

  1. First, click ‘Start’ button and select ‘Control Panel’ at right panel as shown on the screen below.
  2. Once the Windows ‘Control Panel’ opens, you need to click ‘Uninstall a program’ under ‘Programs’ as shown on the image below.
  3. You will see a list of software installed on your personal computer. We recommend to sort the list by date of installation to quickly find the software that were installed last. Most likely they responsibility for the appearance of ads and browser redirect. If you are in doubt, you can always check the application by doing a search for her name in Google, Yahoo or Bing. Once the program which you need to delete is found, simply click on its name, and then press ‘Uninstall’ as on the image below.


 How to remove the using an anti-malware program?

We recommend using SpyRemover Pro,  a highly effective and widely used malware removal program to clean your computer of pop ups. In addition to pop up, this program can detect and remove the latest variants of other malware.
SpyRemover Pro has an intuitive user interface that is easy to use. To get rid of, the first step is to install it, scan your computer, and remove the threat.
To remove from your computer using SpyRemover Pro, you need to perform the following steps:

Basic steps of SpyRemover Pro:

Step 1. Run SpyRemover Pro installer
Click on the .exe file that just downloaded in the lower right corner of your browser window.
Step 2.  Click Yes
Click Yes to accept the User Account Control settings dialog.
Step 3. Foll0w setup instructions
Follow the instructions to get SpyRemover Pro set up on your computer and you will be good to go!

    “use a one click solution like SpyRemover Pro”


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