If you’re like me, you waste 16 hours a day on YouTube.
Just kidding. But it sometimes feels like I waste that much time. What happens when you want to watch your favorite YouTube but you don’t have internet?
Whether you’re taking a long flight or traveling in a country with limited internet access, there are lots of good reasons to download your favorite YouTube videos. Today, I’m going to share 4 different methods that will help you download any video from YouTube:

Method 1) Kibase

Kibase is a nifty little website. Just go to and click the YouTube Downloader link. Then, open your favorite YouTube video and right click on the blank space to the left of the video. Click View Page Source.
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Finally, press Ctrl+A to highlight all the text and press Ctrl+C to copy all the text. Press Ctrl+V to paste all the text into the white box labeled Step 2. Finally, click Submit, and Kibase will begin downloading the YouTube video to your computer as an MP4 file.
One cool thing about Kibase is that you can easily change the format of the video. To do that, just uncheck the Start downloading the video file automatically when it is ready box, then choose your desired file format.
That’s it!

Method 2) Keepvid

Keepvid works in a similar way to Kibase, although it tends to be a bit easier to use.
First, go to, then copy your YouTube videos’ link and paste it into the search bar.
If you don’t already have Java installed, then Keepvid will tell you to download and install the latest version. Don’t worry – this isn’t a scam to try to get you to install malware. You’re just downloading Java.
Keepvid will then ask if you want to run Java on the site. Click Run This Time. Finally, Keepvid displays a list of resolutions and file formats from which to choose. Choose the “audio only” format if you’re downloading a song and don’t want the whole music video.
Be careful which download links you click: clicking the big “Download” buttons will force you to download some dangerous adware or malware, so don’t click those buttons. Instead, simply click on the “Download 3GP” and “Download FLV” buttons seen under your YouTube video thumbnail.

 Method 3) Freemake is another good YouTube downloader, although I’d only recommend it if the other two methods listed above don’t work.
With Freemake, you have to download and install software onto your computer. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you may have to dodge some adware along the way. In any case, you can start by downloading the Freemake software from
freemake youtube downloader
Don’t just click blindly through the installation process. Instead, follow my adware-dodging steps:
-After choosing your language, click custom installation (advanced) and uncheck the box beside Install Search Project
-Then, click Custom Installation and uncheck the box beside PureLeads
-Finally, click Custom Installation one more time and uncheck the Install browser plugins (Chrome, Firefox) box
Now that the installation will be adware free, you can choose your desired installation drive, then walk through the rest of the installation process.
Once it’s installed, launch the Freemake software and copy a YouTube URL. Then, choose the video format you like within the Freemake software (you can find the different formats from the bar at the bottom of the application).
Your video will automatically be downloaded to your computer.
There you go! Three easy (and free) ways to download YouTube videos. Life doesn’t get much easier than that.

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