One of the most frequently asked questions that any tech service gets is how to change the homepage of your internet browser. Instead of looking at a blank Google search box, or Microsoft’s default homepage, you can easily change your settings to the webpage of your choice. Here’s how to do just that on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

How to change your Internet Explorer homepage

Open up an Internet Explorer window and look for ‘Tools’ on the top menu bar. Select ‘Internet options’ under that menu. Find the ‘General’ tab (which should be the default screen) and type in the address of your new homepage.
Then, simply click ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’ to exit out of the window. Now, when you press the home button, it will take you to the website that you type in.

How to change your Mozilla Firefox homepage

Under the Firefox tab on the top left corner of your browser, find the ‘Options’ menu. When that opens, go to the Startup section and find the option that says ‘When Firefox starts: Show my home page.’
Underneath that there should be a text field where you can enter your homepage. Type in the new homepage you want there and then click ‘OK’ to apply these settings.

How to change your Google Chrome homepage

As far as internet browsers go, Google Chrome’s settings menu can be a little difficult to find because it isn’t labelled clearly. Instead, there is a small wrench in the top right hand corner of your Chrome browser screen. After clicking on the wrench, scroll down to ‘Options’.
There should be a sub-menu that says ‘On startup’. Select the ‘Open this page’ option and copy and paste the address of the new homepage you want inside that box. After doing that, your settings are automatically applied. Close the settings tab and you’re good to go.

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