Using your PC in a shared space isn’t ideal.
Nobody likes when you can hear a coworker sniffle and scratch around all day. Unfortunately, work is a place where you need to be productive.
Whether you’re sharing your space with screaming kids, angry coworkers, or cuddly pets, here are some ways to optimize your productivity when working in shared spaces:
Noise cancelling headphones
If there’s one tip I highly recommend for increasing productivity, it’s this one: invest in a pair of comfortable, high-quality noise-cancelling headphones or ear buds. They’re called noise cancelling for a reason: you won’t be able to hear your annoying coworker anymore.

noise cancelling

Some people enjoy playing music over their headphones. Others prefer soft ambient sounds or even white noise. If you find yourself distracted or annoyed by the sounds/conversations of your coworker, then noise-cancelling headphones are a must-buy.
Take advantage of private spaces in your office
If you really need to focus on a task without interruption, then move around. Check into an empty meeting all or conference room, for example, or even go outside your office to a public library.
This tip has an added bonus: many find themselves re-energized when they move to a new space. Instead of staring at the same boring wall all day, you can change your view and get a new perspective on a project.
Change your schedule
Does your coworker like to arrive at 9 and leave at 5? Does this schedule bother you? Consider changing it up.
Arrive early to limit the amount of hours you share a particular space. Many people find they’re more productive in the morning, so use that to your advantage.

shared workspace

The golden rule
It’s always funny when two passive-aggressive people work in the same office stall. Your coworker might be reading this very same article and think you’re the annoying one.
Treat your coworker how you like to be treated. Eat your smelly food in the lunch room, limit private conversations, keep your area clear, and just be a good, normal human being. You might be surprised by how many of your coworker problems disappear.
Use shared space to your advantage
Sharing a space isn’t always bad. There are plenty of ways to increase your productivity while sharing space.
You can ask for things you forgot to bring, for example. Or, if your coworker doesn’t look busy, you can assign some work (if you ask nicely).
What I’m saying is that shared working spaces aren’t always a bad thing. Focus on the silver lining and you’ll be productive again in no time.

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