Do your eyes hurt when using the PC for a long period of time? Do you notice yourself starting to get tired after spending a few hours staring at your computer screen? This is called eye strain, and it’s one of the most serious side effects of prolonged computer use.
While it’s important to take breaks from your computer, this isn’t always an option for people who work on their PCs.
Fortunately, this problem can be solved. In many cases, eye strain and headaches occur simply because your computer’s monitor is too bright. While bright monitors are harmless during the day – when the sun is high in the sky – they can increasingly harm your eyes as darkness falls.
For that reason, you need software that can monitor the brightness of your environment and change your monitor settings based on that information. This might sound complex, but it’s really quite simple.


A free program called f.lux contains everything you need to control the lighting of your computer. By monitoring the brightness of the sky outside (based on your position on the globe and the time of day), f.lux automatically adjusts monitor brightness throughout the day. Once sunset hits, f.lux tells your monitors to dim down. The effect is immediately noticeable.
Of course, all f.lux does is adjust your monitor settings for you. But if your monitor is anything like mine, the navigating the clunky menu with the buttons on your monitor is painful and annoying. F.lux saves time by adjusting these settings for you – automatically.
F.lux takes a little time to get used to, but after a while, it starts to feel normal. In the long run, it creates a healthier environment for your eyes and can significantly reduce the amount of eye strain you experience.
If you’re sick of looking at bright monitors in dark rooms then software like f.lux can help. Click here to visit the official site for a free download.

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