Google appears to be trying to take over Microsoft’s newest operating system. The next version of the Chrome browser for Windows 8.1 will feature a full-fledged operating environment from which users can launch all sorts of different Google services.
This latest version of Chrome was recently released to developers and should be released to the Windows-using public in the near future. The Chrome app is designed for Windows RT and its Metro desktop but will essentially override Metro and place a Google-style UI overtop.
Here’s how it works:
-After installing the Chrome app for Windows RT from the Windows Store, users access an interface that looks a lot like Chrome OS
-That interface contains an app launcher on the bottom left corner of the screen (suspiciously close to where a Start button would be) from which users can launch Google Drive, YouTube, Twitter, and even games like Angry Birds
-To the right of the launcher are shortcuts for customizable app icons, including links to your Gmail inbox and other sites
Early reports say that the release is buggy and unpolished, which is why it’s a developers-only release at this point. Google is expected to release the full Chrome app for Windows on its official Chrome blog in the next few weeks.
Clearly, Google saw an opportunity to create a better operating environment than Windows and jumped at that opportunity. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft responds.

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