If you want to use your fast PC to its full potential, then you’ve got to install the latest video games. Call of Duty: Black Ops II was recently released to great fanfare. But how does the game stack up against previous Call of Duty titles? Is it worth the $59.99 sale price?
Keep reading to find out whether or not Black Ops II is worth installing on your fast computer!

The basics

Two years ago, a game developer called Treyarch branched off to create their own Call of Duty game. That game was called Black Ops, and it was a bit of a departure from the series’ previous titles. Instead of killing Nazis in World War II or Russian extremists in the present, Black Ops saw players performing a number of clandestine operations throughout the Cold War.

From attempting to assassinate Fidel Castro to breaking out of a Russian gulag, the first Black Ops was a fantastic adventure that gave players hundreds of hours of additional entertainment through its addictive multiplayer mode.
So does Black Ops 2 replicate the success of its predecessor? Well, characters like Mason and Menendez return for a second time around. However, the mystery surrounding these characters has disappeared. Since this mystery made the first Black Ops so compelling, the characters tend to feel a little more static and boring in Black Ops 2.
However, Black Ops 2 is partially set in the past and partially set in the future, opening the door for some amazing new cutscenes and battles.

The storyline

Some players will find the storyline complicated. It takes place over multiple decades and requires players to pay attention to cutscenes in order for all the strings to tie together at the end. Without spoiling too much, the storyline dives into the background of Raul Menendez – the main villain from the first game.

Raul Menendez isn’t your typical villain. It’s easy for players to sympathize with his cause, and learning more about his backstory – and his devastating future – provides a reason for players to constantly move forward.
The biggest difference with the Black Ops II storyline is the fact that it branches. Instead of forcing players onto a specific, pre-defined path (like every other Call of Duty game ever made), Black Ops II lets players choose their own adventure. So, a simple decision like “should I pick up this intel or shoot that scientist?” could come back to haunt players later in the game. This branched storyline makes every decision more meaningful.

Strike Force missions

In past Call of Duty games, you play as a single character fighting against the enemy. Black Ops II introduces something called Strike Force, which has players take control of a group of soldiers, drones, and other technology as they fight to accomplish a short objective. These objectives have an impact on the outcome of the game, and although the mode is not perfect (AI soldiers are woefully unintelligent), it’s a refreshing change nonetheless.

The graphics

Here’s the true test of whether or not Black Ops II is worth buying for your fast PC – the graphics. In this department, Black Ops II is merely average. Sure, the PC version of Black Ops 2 looks noticeably better than the console versions, but it’s still subpar compared to many modern shooters.
However, the visuals themselves are impressive. The game is filled with memorable cutscenes – like jumping from a plane with a wing suit or sneaking around while wearing an invisible camouflage outfit. These strengths help make up for the lack of visual flair. And of course, if you’re playing the game on consoles, then the graphics will look top-of-the-line compared with other shooters.


Call of Duty games have always combined short but thrilling single player campaigns with addictive, unlock-based multiplayer. Black Ops 2 uses multiplayer to its full potential – and the futuristic setting helps players unlock a wide variety of exciting weapons.
Multiplayer also features something called ‘Pick 10’ which offers players a greater degree of customization over their arsenal of weapons. Instead of being restricted to customized kits, players now have a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to outfitting their soldiers for war.
All the classic multiplayer modes return, including One in the Chamber, Sticks and Stones, and the classic deathmatch and team deathmatch modes from past Call of Duty games.

Zombie mode

Zombie mode deserves a section all on its own. Although Call of Duty: World at War was the first game to feature Zombie mode, Black Ops made Zombie mode better than ever before (how could you forget defending the White House basement against zombies while standing beside JFK?).
In Black Ops 2, Zombie mode has been drastically improved. In addition to the classic survival mode, which pits you and your friends against an infinite number of zombies, there are new modes called Tranzit and Grief.
Tranzit: Tranzit is a fun game mode to play with your co-op friends. Instead of being confined to a tiny house or basement, Tranzit has players traveling across large Call of Duty maps. Players will encounter various strongholds along the way, and each map holds secrets and Easter eggs that can help make the difference between death and survival. Of course, if you’re not careful, all that exploration could lead you to a dead-end alley way, in which case you’re in big trouble.
Grief: With the Grief mode, there are two teams battling against the zombie horde. Although the two teams cannot hurt one another, the goal is to drive zombies to attack the other team. It’s a fun twist on old gameplay, and with two large groups of friends, the results could be very entertaining.


Whether you’re playing Black Ops 2 for the zombies, the new storyline, or the traditional multiplayer mode, it’s clear that Treyarch has worked hard to make Black Ops 2 as memorable as possible. Instead of just rehashing material from the first game and banking on the ‘sequel-effect’ to drive sales, Treyarch has gone above and beyond what’s expected of them.
So yes, if you’re looking for a new game to buy to test out your fast computer, the Black Ops 2 can certainly be that game. Just don’t expect the graphics to floor you – even if you’re using a top of the line gaming PC.

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