If you pirate PC games with no intention of ever buying them, then you’re a bad person.
That being said, some people download illegal PC game torrents because they want to try out a game before spending $60. Others just genuinely want to avoid ever having to pay $60.
Whatever your excuse may be, I have some unfortunate news to tell you about one of this spring’s hottest releases: Watch Dogs.
Watch Dogs was released on May 27, but early versions of Watch Dogs appeared on popular torrent sites a week before release.
The torrents contained legitimate versions of the game with one major exception: the torrent secretly installed a Bitcoin miner on your PC during the installation process.

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There are a few reasons why Watch Dogs torrents make the perfect Bitcoin mining system:
-Watch Dogs is a popular game that will be played by millions around the world
-Watch Dogs has astronomically high system requirements, which makes compatible rigs an excellent source of mining
-People who torrent PC games typically aren’t careful enough to scan the files or monitor background tasks while the game is running
In any case, after downloading the Watch Dogs torrent and installing it on your system, prepare for a big surprise. Bitcoin miners suck up your processing power and bandwidth and will slow PC performance to a crawl.
If you were thinking about pirating Watch Dogs, then think again.

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