Unless you have a crazy, unwavering work ethic, then you’ve probably been distracted by the internet when you should be doing something productive.
We’ve all been there, and some of us have been there more than others.
Today, I’m going to share some time tracking PC software with you. This software is designed to help you stay productive even when you’re being bombarded by the wonders of YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other gems the internet has to offer.

Manic Time

Manic Time is a popular PC software program that silently runs in the background. You choose your day, your start time, and end time, and the software tracks all your programs, applications, and documents used throughout the day. No self-reporting required!
manic time
Obviously, the biggest advantages of Manic Time is the fact that it automatically tracks which apps, webpages, and programs you had open during your work period. So instead of putting in a half-effort for two hours while watching videos on half your monitor, Manic Time will save that information and shame you into feeling bad about your poor work ethic.
All of this information is clearly displayed on the program’s main page. It’s free to try for an unlimited period of time, although the free trial has limited features. The software itself is relatively expensive at a price of $67.


Klok features all of the amenities of a modern-day time tracking tool and costs about what you would expect for high-tech software: $99.99. Yes, that’s a bit more than the average user is probably willing to pay, but people who depend on billable hours for invoices will appreciate the added features.

klok software

Those features include the nicest looking interface out of any of the software listed here as well as a team console, cloud tracking, and a remarkably simple entry system. For all its bells and whistles, Klok has a remarkably simple UI that’s easy to appreciate.
Unfortunately, both of the time tracking software listed here isn’t free. If you’re at, then you probably want free software, right?
Fortunately, there are plenty of free options available. Here are our two favorites:


At, you’ll get one of the most popular free time tracking apps available today. Basic time tracking is always free, although users can unlock all features for $5 per month. There are mobile apps and detailed breakdowns of the minutes, hours, and weeks you spent wasting time. You can also arrange different times according to your projects. It’s also available both online and offline.


If you want a basic, barebones time tracking tool, then SlimTimer is an excellent option. It claims to have logged 22,632,764 hours since 2006, making it one of the oldest time tracking tools available today.
slim timer
SlimTimer involves just a few simple steps: you create your tasks, time your work, and export that information to your computer in spreadsheet form. That’s it. There’s nothing fancy about it and there’s no apps, but if you want a simple and effective time tracking tool, you could do worse than SlimTimer.

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