The iPad Mini has been in the tech industry’s rumor mill for several months now. Even before the first inklings of info started tricking to the press, most people realized that creating a miniature version of the iPad would be the logical next step.
Today, the rumor mill is heating up even further as it appears more and more Asian manufacturers are mass producing the components required to create the new device. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple’s Asian component suppliers are already well into the production cycle for the upcoming device, and LCD screens have already been produced by companies like LG and AU Optronics.
Most people suspect that Apple will announce the new iPad Mini sometime towards the end of this month. It will compete with tablets like the Nexus 7 (made by Google) and the Amazon Kindle Fire, both of which retail for around $199.
Do you own an iPad already? Would a mini iPad change your mind about the device? Let us know in the comments section below!

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