Apple unveiled its latest iPad lineup just a few weeks ago. Headlining that lineup was the new iPad Air, which aims to be thinner, smaller, but more powerful… blah blah blah who cares.
Unfortunately for Apple, it might have a bigger problem on its hands than consumer apathy. Apple is currently investigating claims that an iPad Air exploded in an Australian Vodafone Store, causing customers and employees to flee the store.
According to reports, the tablet was connected to a charging port in a Vodafone Store in Canberra when it literally exploded, after which the remaining debris started sparking and filling the store with smoke. Customers and employees were evacuated.
This occurred on October 30, two days before the wide consumer release of the iPad Air in Australia. The Daily Mail acquired a picture of the singed tablet:
ipad air explosion
Scary! But don’t be scared, consumers. There aren’t many electronic devices that haven’t caught on fire, exploded, or been destroyed in some way or another at least once. If this happens again, then it could be a worrying trend.

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