There’s an old adage about Apple products that goes something like: Apple computers are easy to fix because whenever something goes wrong, you just throw your old Apple computer out the window and buy another one.
Anti-Apple advocates have known about this adage for quite some time. However, Apple still sells billions of dollars of merchandise every year, so clearly there are still people who are surprised by the news that Apple products are nearly impossible for tech repair professionals to fix.
Tech news website recently created a list of the top 10 “unrepairable” electronic devices available today. To nobody’s surprise but Apple fans, Apple products dominated the list. Here’s the list in its entirety:
10) 5th Generation iPod Touch
9) Nikon D600 24.3-MP Digital SLR Camera
8) Apple iPad with Retina Display
7) Apple iPad Mini
6) Nikon D5100 16.2-MP Digital SLR Camera
5) Apple MacBook Pro 13.3” with Retina Display
4) 4th Generation Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB
3) Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet
2) HTC One
1) Apple MacBook Pro

apple macbook pro

All of these products were chosen due to their difficulty to take apart and replace components. In many cases, taking apart the products listed above required unsoldering electronics or cracking casing in half. In the case of Apple products, the company uses proprietary pentalobe screws, non-upgradeable RAM, and a ridiculous amount of glue to try to prevent users from getting access to the device.

Apple products are “designed to fail”

Apple purposely makes its products different to repair, replace, and customize. Why? Well, you could argue that Apple wants users to constantly buy the latest products instead of repairing their older ones. And I would agree with that argument.
Another argument is that Apple doesn’t want its users messing around with the internal components of the device because they’re just going to screw things up, break their computers, and then leave Apple with a mess to fix.
I’ll agree with the first argument over the second one. Of course, one of the big problems with throwing out all your old Apple products is that they wreck the environment along with wasting your money.
Anyways, there are plenty of people in the tech world who argue that Apple products are “designed to fail”. This failure encourages users to spend way too much money on Apple care while also buying the newest laptops, iPhones, and iPads when they’re released.
Moral of the story? If you want to save money and own electronics that last for more than two years, don’t buy Apple.

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