When you compare antivirus software online, it’s easy to get confused. There are so many different options out there with so many different variables.
Which one is right for you?
What if I told you that you were already using the most advanced antivirus threat-detection software available today?
Yes – as you already know from the headline – that powerful software is your brain.
Here are 5 reasons why your brain is the most powerful internet security suite ever made:

5) Critical thinking helps you avoid 99% of online security threats

Whenever you’re browsing the internet, you need to use your powers of critical thinking.
Every time you visit a site, you should be thinking “why is someone telling me this information?” or “why would someone give this [anything] away for free online?”
The answer almost always boils down to two reasons:
-They want your money
-They want your personal information
Some sites make money off you when you click or view advertisements, for example. Other sites take your personal information when you enter an email submission form.
But here’s the most important lesson to get from this: nobody gives something away for free online without expecting something in return.
That lesson is followed by a corollary: if something is too good to be true, then it probably is – especially online.
Use your brain to follow those two rules and you’ll never get a virus again.

4) A sharp perception helps you spot threats before they attack your computer

Let’s say you’re downloading music online. You navigate to some shady software websites before finally finding the file you need.
Unfortunately, that file isn’t an .mp3 file: it’s an .exe or .rar file. Just before you click the “download” button, your brain kicks in and tells you: no.
Just like our ancestors would spot crouching saber-tooth tigers and other threats before they attacked, our modern brains can be used to spot online threats.

3) Your brain’s powers of comparison let you judge different security software and antivirus products

Ultimately, your brain is an excellent security suite. But it’s not going to remove existing threats from your PC or protect you from viruses that automatically download themselves when you visit a webpage.
In short, you can’t totally rely on your brain to protect you from every threat.
antivirus rankings
That’s why you need to download good antivirus software. Your brain helps you compare antivirus software by reading product reviews online and by reading the experiences of other users.
Use your brain to compare top antivirus brands and you’ll notice the same brands keep rising to the top of the list: Kaspersky, PC Cleaner Pro, and BitDefender are all enormously popular.

2) Because even the most effective antivirus software won’t defend against an online scam or phishing attempt

Phishing attempts and online scams are two of the most prolific security threats on the internet today.
Both of these situations involve you manually defeating the security processes on your computer. It’s like opening your front door when a burglar politely knocks.
online scam
An online scam might trick you into ordering an overpriced product online. A phishing attempt might trick you into entering personal information into a website that looks exactly like your bank but uses a different URL.
In both cases, your security suite might warn you of a possible security threat. But your brain is the only tool that will actually be able to stop that security threat.

1) Your brain receives security updates faster than most antivirus software

Today, all the good antivirus software is based in the cloud. That means instant, automatic security updates.
However, you have to wait for antivirus makers to actually release those updates first.
Your brain receives updates as soon as you hear about new security threats. Maybe your friends warned you not to click that link they just sent over Facebook. Or maybe you read a security article like the ones on our site explaining a new threat.

antivirus updates

In any case, as soon as you absorb that information, you’re protected against that threat. You can’t say the same about antivirus software.
I haven’t even told you the best part about Brain Security Software: it’s totally free.

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